Instructions on how to use the Virtual Catalogue




  You can flip through the catalogue page by page by using > forwards and backwards



  Here you can select sections and one of thre menu languages.



Contents: provides a graphic list of the various sections within the catalogue
Thumbnails: provides a thumbnail view of each individual page for selection
Bookmarks: You can bookmark any page via "Tools" on the aboive menu and when you click "Bookmarks"it will list the pages you have marked
Search:  Search the complete catalogue
Zoom:  You can zoom in to any section of the pages by clicking on the page and clicking again to zoom out, or use this button
Print: You can pre-select pages that you wish to print and then print them
Send to Friend: Here you can send a link and a message to someone for them to view the catalogue



 You can return to the previous by selcting this button