Via our extensive network of connections we are able to support both the sourcing or the supply of commodities and products.

Where commodities are concerned, there are far to many so called "brokers" who in general become a part of a daisy chain of Internet traders, where in the worst case scenarios, have been known to go in a complete circle to nowhere!

This is a market in which "every one" wants to buy and "every body" seems to be able to sell! 95% of the time (if not more) this is NOT the case.

Our role and benefit in this is bringing together real sellers/mandate holders and real buyers/mandate holders and ensuring that the daisy chain syndrome is contractually by-passed.  This makes our services more as a facilitator than a broker and we are retained by a number of buyers and sellers to provide this "firewall role"

So feel free to enquire about this service, the cost of which is entirely performance related and relieve yourself of the inherent frustrations of working with commodities.